(Formerly known as
"The Moderates")


1. Promote tolerance of differences and initiate dialogue for the resolution of conflicts among people.

2. Discourage practices that go against the grain of basic human principles and ethical standards.

3. Encourage the silent majority to become proactive in the process of social reformation with a view to bring positive changes and discourage extremism.

4. Promote consensus through fundamental values common to major religions, value systems and cultures.

5. Educate people positively about different cultures, religions, ethnicities and belief systems.

6. Involve institutions from the social sector to promote principles of tolerance and moderation.

7. Promote brotherhood and bring together members of different religious and social communities in a Fraternity.

8. Initiate and support social research in order to identify areas of extremism and their impact on civil society, and to identify ways of rectification.


9. Foster understanding across religious and cultural lines.

10. Recognize and encourage voices of tolerance in media.

11. Develop, implement, and support strategies that is aimed at ensuring a population growth rate, which is able to provide and sustain better standards of living for the masse!

12. Convince and assist, wherever possible, local government to set the formal promotion of tolerance as a priority in dealing with violence and crime.

13. Encourage intercultural activities focused at promoting camaraderie and consensual problem solving.

14. Encourage the local community, especially the youth, to discuss peaceful solutions to communal problems.

15. Establish educational centers for the enhancement of literacy and the provision of educational services to various age groups, with a view to inject a sense of tolerance and respect for other’s point of view.

16. Set up population planning centers in order to promote awareness regarding the need to manage population growth rate and family health issues.

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