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Coverage of SGM event on Foreign Policy Challenges and the New Government held on 1 Sep 2018 at CMC in News papers


Mediation between India & Pakistan: Society for Global Moderation welcomes Trump's offer - Apr 2017


Moderates appeal for Dr. Asim’s release - Oct 2016


Society for Global Moderation condoles Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death - July 2016


Amjad Sabri's murder condemned by Society for Global Moderation - June 2016


Moderates condoles Fatima Surayya Bajia's death - Feb 2016


Moderates condemn current wave of global terrorism - Jan 2016


Society for Global Moderation expresses grief on Jamiluddin Aali's death - Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation expresses sorrow on Amin Fahim's death- Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation condemns terrorist attacks in Paris- Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation condemns religious extremism in India - Oct 2015


The Moderates becomes 'Society for Global Moderation' - Sep 2015


Moderates condoles Peer Zada's death - Sep 2015


Moderates backs call for allowing Musharraf to have treatment abroad - July 2015


Moderates Chairman congratulates Malala - June & July 2014


Armed forces must be given due respect for their role: Syed Jawaid Iqbal - June & July 2014


Moderates welcome removal of Musharraf's name from ECL- June 2014


Moderates commemorates International Day for Tolerance - Nov 2013


Moderates denounces TTP attacks on innocent citizens - Sep 2013


Moderate condemns bomb attacks on political parties - Apr 2013


Lalarukh’s demise a great loss - Mar 2013


Tribune to National Hero - Mar 2013


Moderates condemns target killing of Parveen Rehman - Mar 2013


Moderates condemns Joseph Colony attack - Mar 2013


Attacks on Polio Vaccination Teams deplorable: Moderates - Dec 2012

Hope of a better future’ wounded: Moderates - Oct 2012


Moderates condemns Wani practice - Oct 2012


Moderates expresses deep sorrow on fire tragedy - Sep 2012


Moderates condemns on-going violence in Karachi - Aug 2012


Sectarian terrorism and target killing sabotaging Pakistan’s solidarity: Moderates - Aug 2012


Moderates condemns attack on Business Recorder office - Jun 2012


Moderates condoles Fauzia Wahab’s demise - Jun 2012


Moderates condoles Mehdi Hasan’s demise - Jun 2012


Modertares supports division of provinces on administrative basis - Aug 2011


Moderates condemns impediments for Sikhs - Jul 2011


Moderates condemns suspension of US military aid to Pakistan - Jul 2011


OBL incident a wakeup call - May 2011


Moderates demands justice for AirBlue crash affectees - Apr 2011


Drone attacks provide new recruits for terrorists': Moderates - Apr 2011


Moderates condemns attack on JUI-F chief - Apr 2011


Moderates criticizes US congressional hearing on Muslim terrorism - Mar 2011


'There is no such thing as extremist Islam': Moderates - Mar 2011


Moderates condemns violence in Karachi - Jan 2011


Barna - The Moderate Voice - Jan 2011


Moderates condemns security threats to journalists - Jan 2011


Moderates condemns misuse of blasphemy laws - Nov 2010


Moderates urge early compensation for AirBlue crash victims - Nov 2010


Moderates gneve loss of a visionary - Ex-Pakistan President Farooq Leghari - Oct 2010


Moderates calls for reinstating confidence in donors - Aug 2010


Moderates calls for national unity to cope with flood's devastation - Aug 2010


"Moderates declares air crash a national loss" - Jul 2010


"Daata Darbar blast deplorable and cowardy" Jul 2010


Israeli brutality reminiscent of war times - Jun 2010


Marguerite H.Sullivan, US Public Affairs and Communication Specialist speaks on 'Media freedom & Sustainable Democracy' - May 2010


Think Tank tenders Baisakhi greetings to the sikh community of Pakistan - Apr 2010


Moderates demand 19th amendment for 19 States - Apr 2010


Moderates condemn attacks on the Chelum procession - Feb 2010


Moderates evokes nation of Jinnah's ideology - Aug 09


Moderates Chief hails Clintons stand on Pakistan - May 09


Moderates invites political leaders to share "Vision of Pakistan" - Apr 09


"Differences among leadership is hampering stability in Pakistan" : Moderates - Mar 09


Political leadership must address social evils - Sep 08


Dr. Vishakha N. Desai, President Asia Society (New York) gave a talk during her Pakistan visit - Jul 08


Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Director Education, Al Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences speaks on "Islam perspective on tolerance, interfaith harmony & democracy" - Apr 08


Jackueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO Acumen Fund talks on Building Sustainable Solutions to Poverty - Mar 08


Think Tank lauds democratic spirit in polls - Feb 08


US Foreign Policy expert speaks on India, Pakistan & Afghanistan - Sep 07


Musharraf - Benazir alliance is in the greater interest of Pakistan - Jul 07


Think Tank - disagrees with Senators - Aug 07


Pope's apology toward muslims - Oct 06


Moderates contributes towards Earthquake relief in Pakistan - Oct 05


Moderates applauds presidents acceptance to speak at world jewish council - Aug 05


Moderates condemn london bombings - Oct 05


Interview with Asian Broadcasting corporation in Dallas, USA - Jun 05


Indian Muslims are capable citizens of India - Apr 05


Chairman comments on Musharraf-singh meeting - Apr 05


Lamenting the demise of the Pope - Apr 05


Religion column in Pakistani Passport - Apr 05


Launch of the Moderates - Oct 03


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