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SGM hails Trump's Kashmir mediation offer - Aug 2019


Coverage of SGM event on Does Karachi belong any one held on 11 July 2019 at CMC in News papers. (for video news link please click here)


Coverage of SGM event on Post Indian Election Scenario: Challenges and Options for Pakistan held on 15 June 2019 at CMC in News papers. (for video news link please click here)


Coverage of SGM event on Pakistan - India Relations - future , know and unknown held on 13 Mar 2019 at CMC in News papers


Coverage of SGM event on Is the Population Bomb Ticking in the Pakistan? held on 17 Nov 2018 at CMC in News papers


Coverage of SGM event on 18th Amendment: Applause and Criticism held on 27 Oct 2018 at CMC in News papers


Coverage of SGM event on Foreign Policy Challenges and the New Government held on 1 Sep 2018 at CMC in News papers


Mediation between India & Pakistan: Society for Global Moderation welcomes Trump's offer - Apr 2017


Moderates appeal for Dr. Asim’s release - Oct 2016


Society for Global Moderation condoles Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death - July 2016


Amjad Sabri's murder condemned by Society for Global Moderation - June 2016


Moderates condoles Fatima Surayya Bajia's death - Feb 2016


Moderates condemn current wave of global terrorism - Jan 2016


Society for Global Moderation expresses grief on Jamiluddin Aali's death - Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation expresses sorrow on Amin Fahim's death- Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation condemns terrorist attacks in Paris- Nov 2015


Society for Global Moderation condemns religious extremism in India - Oct 2015


The Moderates becomes 'Society for Global Moderation' - Sep 2015


Moderates condoles Peer Zada's death - Sep 2015


Moderates backs call for allowing Musharraf to have treatment abroad - July 2015


Moderates Chairman congratulates Malala - June & July 2014


Armed forces must be given due respect for their role: Syed Jawaid Iqbal - June & July 2014


Moderates welcome removal of Musharraf's name from ECL- June 2014


Moderates commemorates International Day for Tolerance - Nov 2013


Moderates denounces TTP attacks on innocent citizens - Sep 2013


Moderate condemns bomb attacks on political parties - Apr 2013


Lalarukh’s demise a great loss - Mar 2013


Tribune to National Hero - Mar 2013


Moderates condemns target killing of Parveen Rehman - Mar 2013


Moderates condemns Joseph Colony attack - Mar 2013


Attacks on Polio Vaccination Teams deplorable: Moderates - Dec 2012

Hope of a better future’ wounded: Moderates - Oct 2012


Moderates condemns Wani practice - Oct 2012


Moderates expresses deep sorrow on fire tragedy - Sep 2012


Moderates condemns on-going violence in Karachi - Aug 2012


Sectarian terrorism and target killing sabotaging Pakistan’s solidarity: Moderates - Aug 2012


Moderates condemns attack on Business Recorder office - Jun 2012


Moderates condoles Fauzia Wahab’s demise - Jun 2012


Moderates condoles Mehdi Hasan’s demise - Jun 2012


Modertares supports division of provinces on administrative basis - Aug 2011


Moderates condemns impediments for Sikhs - Jul 2011


Moderates condemns suspension of US military aid to Pakistan - Jul 2011


OBL incident a wakeup call - May 2011


Moderates demands justice for AirBlue crash affectees - Apr 2011


Drone attacks provide new recruits for terrorists': Moderates - Apr 2011


Moderates condemns attack on JUI-F chief - Apr 2011


Moderates criticizes US congressional hearing on Muslim terrorism - Mar 2011


'There is no such thing as extremist Islam': Moderates - Mar 2011


Moderates condemns violence in Karachi - Jan 2011


Barna - The Moderate Voice - Jan 2011


Moderates condemns security threats to journalists - Jan 2011


Moderates condemns misuse of blasphemy laws - Nov 2010


Moderates urge early compensation for AirBlue crash victims - Nov 2010


Moderates gneve loss of a visionary - Ex-Pakistan President Farooq Leghari - Oct 2010


Moderates calls for reinstating confidence in donors - Aug 2010


Moderates calls for national unity to cope with flood's devastation - Aug 2010


"Moderates declares air crash a national loss" - Jul 2010


"Daata Darbar blast deplorable and cowardy" Jul 2010


Israeli brutality reminiscent of war times - Jun 2010


Marguerite H.Sullivan, US Public Affairs and Communication Specialist speaks on 'Media freedom & Sustainable Democracy' - May 2010


Think Tank tenders Baisakhi greetings to the sikh community of Pakistan - Apr 2010


Moderates demand 19th amendment for 19 States - Apr 2010


Moderates condemn attacks on the Chelum procession - Feb 2010


Moderates evokes nation of Jinnah's ideology - Aug 09


Moderates Chief hails Clintons stand on Pakistan - May 09


Moderates invites political leaders to share "Vision of Pakistan" - Apr 09


"Differences among leadership is hampering stability in Pakistan" : Moderates - Mar 09


Political leadership must address social evils - Sep 08


Dr. Vishakha N. Desai, President Asia Society (New York) gave a talk during her Pakistan visit - Jul 08


Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Director Education, Al Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences speaks on "Islam perspective on tolerance, interfaith harmony & democracy" - Apr 08


Jackueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO Acumen Fund talks on Building Sustainable Solutions to Poverty - Mar 08


Think Tank lauds democratic spirit in polls - Feb 08


US Foreign Policy expert speaks on India, Pakistan & Afghanistan - Sep 07


Musharraf - Benazir alliance is in the greater interest of Pakistan - Jul 07


Think Tank - disagrees with Senators - Aug 07


Pope's apology toward muslims - Oct 06


Moderates contributes towards Earthquake relief in Pakistan - Oct 05


Moderates applauds presidents acceptance to speak at world jewish council - Aug 05


Moderates condemn london bombings - Oct 05


Interview with Asian Broadcasting corporation in Dallas, USA - Jun 05


Indian Muslims are capable citizens of India - Apr 05


Chairman comments on Musharraf-singh meeting - Apr 05


Lamenting the demise of the Pope - Apr 05


Religion column in Pakistani Passport - Apr 05


Launch of the Moderates - Oct 03


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