Moderates hosts Vishakha Desai, President Asia Society


Dr. Vishakha N. Desai, President Asia Society shared her views at a discussion hosted by Moderates. Speaking at the occasion she said, “The real struggle between the East and West is all about possession of resources and the regulation of their demand and supply, which if left to the hands of a single nation, will automatically make it the pinnacle of sovereignty. It is in this effort and the realization of a forthcoming Post-American era that the US is repressing the Asian predominance. Its advent may be delayed, but 21st century will be witnessed as the Asian century.”


The discussion was attended by people from all walks of life including parliamentarians, bureaucrats, ex-military officials, businessmen, media owners and senior columnists. Several areas pertaining to regional solidarity, responsible role of media, India-Pakistan relations and US influence over Asia were candidly discussed at length.


Dr. Desai emphasized the need to recognize gender, ethnic, cultural and lingual individualities and yet overcome their disparities. She lauded the role of Moderates in trying to cultivate a tolerant society and becoming the voice of the silent majority.


Earlier, introducing the guest speaker, Chairman Moderates, Syed Jawaid Iqbal outlined that Moderates was established in 2003 to battle against the repercussions and aftermaths of the post 9/11 developments that engulfed the world at large. Today, a group of like minded individuals pursue the cause of strengthening tolerance, interfaith harmony and democracy from this platform to promote the axiom: ‘Changing Attitudes – Enhancing Values’. Jawaid emphasized that Moderates encourages independent and sovereign solutions to all issues of national and international interest.

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